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It's no big deal

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If you are a vegetarian or you have a vegetarian in the family it really doesn't have to be a major issue if you're the one in charge of the cooking. One chooses to take on vegetarianism for many different reasons and the main thing to be aware of is the variety and nutrition that the person is having.

Vegan Nutrition Guid

Let's start with the vegetarian in the family:

Dining TableIf you are an avid meat fan along with other members of the family and one of your children declares that he/she is wanting to go vegetarian, then the first thing to do is to ask the reason. What ever the motive is, please don't knock it. Discuss their reason, do some research with them and back them 100%.

Not only will that give you kudos with the child/partner, but it will go a long way to establishing good nutrition. Tell them that you respect their decision as they must respect your choice to stay a meat eater.

It's especially beneficial if you get the vegetarian to help with the cooking. This way, not only do you have help, but it is teaching them (especially if he/she is one of your children) to get to know what foods they should be eating in order to stay healthy. Check the vegetarian pyramid.

Now, onto you being the vegetarian:

The first thing to do is get yourself a good vegetarian cookbook. This will be worth its weight in gold for giving you ideas.

Begin with simply replacing the meat portion of the meal with a vegetarian option. You can easily make up a batch of chickpea patties, freeze and take out one or two at a time. Another option is to make little pies. see recipe.  You can then take one from the freezer and "cook" it while you are cooking the meat. (Just don't serve them too often, pastry is one of those foods that should be on the "not too often" list).

There are lots of different, easy recipes you can make as the "meat" portion of the meal - Another quick one is half an avocado filled with some hummus and basil pesto.

Once you get your head around this, you can then start experimenting with other vegetable side dishes that every one can enjoy (with their meat) and if you place different bowls on the table then the vegetarian in the family along with the rest can choose what they have.

vegetarian foodIf you are the vegetarian in the family then it really doesn't have to be a major issue at all if you are in charge of the cooking. If you're not in charge then follow the advice above and talk to the cook.

It's really a no-brainer though if you're doing the cooking, apart from the fact that you will have to cater for the meat eaters, you can happily cook anything you want - just reverse the above by adding one dish of meat!

Having a vegetarian in the family really doesn't have to be difficult. Keep "talking", get to understand the nutrition side and experiment with different dishes - you never know, the diners may enjoy it.

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