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It really wasn’t a conscious decision but one that was sort of forced upon me. Hello, my name is Fee and I’ve been vegetarian since 1999. Becoming Vegetarian

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So what induced me into becoming vegetarian I hear you ask. Probably, if I’m honest, it was a lack of money. That’s right, meat was just too expensive, well the good cuts of meat and at the time, I was not, one would say, financially well endowed.

Between the years 1997 and 1999 the meat meals that I was eating were getting fewer and further apart, and I realized that, not only was my health improving, I was sleeping better and had more energy. I was fortunate that I had two of my children who were vegetarians (well, one was actually vegan), and each time they came home they were teaching me a completely different way of cooking and what to eat to replace the meat. Let’s face it, just adding more vegetables wasn’t going to do it.

The pantry cupboards soon got stocked up with the usual ingredients needed for this new healthy eating such as chick peas, lentils, rice and grains and many more herbs and spices. I found that the budget didn’t "blow out" the more I was becoming vegetarian and the change of eating, in fact I was saving money. I must add here that I lived alone, so the excess food I prepared would be put into the freezer to be brought out at a later date. That way I wasn’t getting bored with having left overs too many nights in a row.

tofuThe biggest discovery was that all I had to do to start with was replace the piece of meat that, really only takes up such a small amount on the plate and that wasn’t hard to do at all. I was already eating a variety of vegetables and salads anyway so it was quite simple to mix in some tofu or slice half an avocado on the lazy nights, make an omelette or have chickpea patties.

One trick I did find useful was to wait till one of my children came home to cook an ingredient that was new to me. Tofu is a perfect example of that. I wasn’t about to cook it just in case it turned out wrong and ruin any chance of including it in the diet. It’s now such a staple and I use it in so many ways.

Being vegetarian I find neither quicker nor slower than cooking a meat meal. One thing it is, and my meat eating friends will back me up on this, is that it is so much more tastier!

Having the vegan (oh and both my children are excellent, adventurous cooks) teaching me an incredibly wide variety of recipes was an absolute bonus.  Now we share vegan recipes because over the years I have also become very adventurous.

Regardless of the "why" for becoming vegetarian – the "how" really is quite simple and now that more and more people are becoming vegetarian it’s no longer regarded as the extreme alternative it once was.

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Becoming Vegetarian


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