Factory Farming &

Animal Liberation:

The New Zealand Experience

Book ReviewFactory Farming & Animal Liberation: The New Zealand Experience

Title:                Factory Farming & Animal Liberation: 
                            The New Zealand Experience

Author:            Michael Morris

Published by:    Smashwords

My Rating:        5 stars


If you have any interest at all in getting the "inside scoop" of the jostling of power that goes on within the primary industry, then this book by Michael Morris is an excellent read.

In a country like N.Z. where one assumes good animal welfare practices are strong due to the fact that the population depends on the primary industry, it is shocking to read that this is not so and that the general public have been hoodwinked into an apathetic state of "she'll be right".

As Michael points out in it book, it's "not right" and it's time that the consumers of meat and eggs took a stand.

What I liked about this book is that all the arguments are backed up by documented research.  However, it is not a "research" book, far from it.  This is a very candid look at the primary industry, the politicians and government in general.  How fast the P.R. machines can get into action and how the industry can use all sorts of tactics to keep the status quo.  It is very easy to read and holds the readers attention all the way through.

Michael also points out how each individual can do their part in helping to change the current state of affairs concluding with suggestions on changes that could be made at Government level.

This is an excellent book and one I highly recommend if you have any concern at all in the practices of factory farming animal welfare.

Factory Farming & Animal Liberation: The New Zealand Experience 

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Factory Farming & Animal Liberation: 
The New Zealand Experience




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