Midday Meals for Vegetarians

Simple, Effective and a Healthy Way of Eating

The middle of the day seems to be the time when most people really do get hungry. It's also the time of the day when there's not a lot of time to be preparing fancy foods (unless you are taking a day off and the mood takes you).

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It's also the time of the day that people can get into the "quick, fast food" and consequently a lot of times the nutritional value of the meal flies out the door.midday meals for vegetarians

Here are some ideas to wake up the taste buds, have healthy and nutritious but make them the quick midday meals for vegetarians

The easiest to make and prepare is the sandwich.

Begin with a can of chickpeas. Drain them (and if you want to cut down the salt rinse under cold water).

Mash the chickpeas, put on the bread. You can now add anything else you would like such as salad vegetables, a little cheese and mayonnaise. Just work it to your tastes.

Of course the types of sandwiches are almost endless.

Another tip is to have in your fridge Tamari Tofu.

1 block firm tofu
Tamari sauce
A little oil.

Heat a little oil in a heavy based pan
Drain, dry and slice the tofu into either thick or thin slices (no greater than 1/4 inch).
Place into hot oil
Pour tamari sauce over each piece to just cover it
Turn the tofu over.
Cook until done turning as needed - this is a personal choice, some like it soft others like it crisp.
Remove from pan and drain
Store in container in fridge and use as needed.

Tamari tofu is great in a sandwich, chopped up into a salad or on its own as a snack.

vegetarian recipe book


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