Mushrooms For Health
and Longevity

Book Review

Title:            Mushrooms for Health and Logevity

Author:         Ken Babal, CN

Published by:  Healthy Living Publications

My Rating:     4 half stars


This is a great little book packed with all sorts of information about mushrooms.  It is written by amushrooms book review very experienced nutritionalist, Ken Babal who has also written many articles on culinary nutrition.  So I would have to say that he does know what he is talking about.

Until I read this book I was unaware of the valuable properties mushrooms have for not only boosting immunity but fighting cancer and heart disease.  In fact, a very good chart in the book lists the great medicinal benefits of the different varieties.

Apart from the button mushroom, which I think we are all very aware of, Portobello was the only other mushroom that I could identify, so I found it very interesting just how many other varities there are out there. 

One downside to the book was that the chart only used the correct horticultural name for each mushroom and I had to go back a couple of pages to find out what the button mushroom's real name was.....the Portobello was not mentioned, well not under "Portobello", so I'm not sure if it is on the chart or not.

In saying that.  The information was extremely enlightening, the photographs are beautiful and there are also some really nice recipes at the end which I will be trying.

If you don't like mushrooms the author has shown that there are supplements available.

If you do like mushrooms then this book definitely will increase your appreciation of these, often maligned, fungi.

I have certainly put it on my Recommended Reading page.

You can find our more about this book here - Mushrooms For Health 

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