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  • These little mince pies can be vegan or vegetarian. A wonderful option for a healthy way of eating.

  • If you have a vegetarian in the family you don't have to make too big a deal. Here are some helpful guidlines for the cook regardless whether it's you or someone else who is the vegetarian

  • Learn about chocolate. Did you know that not only is there a history to chocolate but it also adds to your healthy way of eating.

  • the vegetarian center has been designed specifically for vegetarian cooking. There should be everything you need here at The Vegetarian Center

  • Enjoy these easy sweet treats as a desert. Yummy apple and cinnamon sauce with a coconut cashew cream inbetween flakey filo pastry.

  • There are many reasons to becoming vegetarian, It could be animal rights, religious or economic reasons. Whatever the reason it is a eating healthy routine.

  • Visit our blog and catch up on the musing of a vegetarian.

  • Three of the best books I have read in a long time and books that should be on the shelf of anyone who cares about their health, animal welfare and the environment.

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  • It is said that it is the most important meal of the day and breakfast for vegetarians is no different than breakfast for meat eaters. Is it necessary in this day and age and does the breakfast for vegetarians mean a healthier way of eating?

  • Brussel sprouts and pate...yes they go together. Here's a great vegetarian idea to compliment your cooking and give you a healthy way of eating.

  • Add to your bookshelf with one or two of these great vegetarian books. Vegetarian recipes, magazines and information books available online here.

  • A simple and easy midday meal Cannellini Bean and Rosemary Bruschetta is a great vegetarian or vegan lunch for a healthy way of eating.

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  • Learn the difference between vegan and vegetarian. and find out which one does eat eggs and dairy products.

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  • Find here easy to make vegetarian meals from breakfast to the main course and all inbetween. We have seperated the categories and included recipes

  • Choosing a healthy way of eating does not mean that you have to go without. Here are some easy vegetarian cooked breakfast ideas that will help to start your day right.

  • Book review. The author of Factory Farming & Animal Liberation: the N.Z. Experience, Michael Morris, has 1st hand knowledge of how the industry and government work together to keep intense farming a reality.

  • Get the answers to vegetarian FAQ to give you a healthy way of eating and change your cooking style

  • A lovely vegetarian meal - Fettuccine with Tofu. If you enjoy Italian cooking this works exceptionally well and encourages a healthy way of cooking

  • Stunning flavors with cashew cream sauce makes this pasta dish a hit. A perfect vegetarian meal that doesn't take long to make.

  • To get the best from your garden you need good reference gardening books. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle and grow your own vegetables

  • Heard of it, but not sure what to do with it? Here we tell you how to cook quinoa as well as giving you some facts. This is an ingredient that is wonderful for a vegetarian or vegan for a healthy way of eating

  • This is a really easy way which shows you how to grow microgreens so you can have these delicious, nutritious little greens in your salad for a much healthy way of eating.

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  • Links to get you started on vegetarian cooking including pantry items and seeds to start growing vegetables

  • Many people ask if a person can lose weight being vegetarian and the resounding answer is yes. However, just like any other diet, there are things that are needed to be known. Being vegetarian is a way to live a long and healthy life and that includes losing weight.

  • If you are into vegetarian cooking maybe subscribe to a vegetarian magazine. The Vegetarian Center enables you to pick the right vegetarian magazine

  • We live in a fast past world and quite often the healthy way of eating takes second place. Here we offer some advice on midday meals for vegetarians that are quick and easy

  • Links to more articles on vegetarian cooking. Learn how to be the best vegetarian cook with variety and understanding.

  • Start the day right. Try one of our mueslie recipes and enjoy the healthy way of eating.

  • Just a small book about Mushrooms for health. Here we review this book to see if it deliveres accurate and good information.

  • Yummy no bake brownies perfect for vegans. This recipe will go down a treat with your family...healthy too

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  • You can always make quick & easy pies to store in the freezer for later. These vegetarian pies are great when you are needing a quick meal or to replace meat.

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  • Here we have listed what we consider to be recommended reading for vegetarians, vegans and even those meat eaters who are interested in a healthy way of eating.

  • This delightful vegetarian dish is incredibly easy to make. The roasted cinnamon pumpkin adds a punch to the feta salad.

  • I was given the book Say No To Meat - a book for vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. After reading it I felt compeled to write a book review.

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  • Starting a vegetarian club on Campus is well worth looking into. It provides a common place for vegans and vegetarians to be able to share ideas about their way of eating.

  • There are many ways of using tofu and it is a great option for the vegetarian who is looking for a healthy way of eating.

  • This is a great tofu bases mayo recipe for either vegan or vegetarian cooking. Experience a healthy way of eating

  • This is a lovely vegan mayo that uses nuts rather than tofu. Easy to make and even more easy to eat and fits right into the vegetarian lifestyle.

  • It's great to see lots of choice of vegetarian cooking. It's easy to find lots of ingredients and have your vegetarian cooking nutritious and tasty, but it wasn't always like this

  • Information on eating vegetarian for health and to lose weight comes in these brilliant eBooks that can be downloaded waiting.

  • Eggs Benedict has been around for quite a long time and is extremely popular with it's delicious Hollandaise sauce. Here we give you the recipe for Vegetarian Eggs Benedict, the traditional minus the meat.

  • For a healthy way of eating the vegetarian food pyramid is a great way to start. Just like meat eaters there is a need to have a range of nutritious foods.

  • Vegetarian foods are being seen more and more which is great for this style of cooking. Making tasty meals is easy especially if you grow your own herbs.

  • These are the vegetarian information books that are at the top of our list of must have on any vegetarian/vegan's bookshelf. They are packed with everything from how to talk to meat eaters to teenagers who want to become vegetarian.

  • Cooking vegetarian main course meals is just the same as dinners with meat in them - it can sometimes take time. However, it can be quick and still be a healthy way of eating

  • Vegetarian recipe books are plentiful so we have sourced the best vegetarian recipe books from beginner to seasoned chef

  • Take pleasure in a healthy way of eating and try these vegetarian recipes. Spice up your cooking, these are a little different

  • For a healthy way of eating it is good to know the vegetarian sources of iron. Here we give you some great options so you can make sure you are getting enough iron in your diet.

  • This vegetarian starter kit will give you some idea what you need to begin a new style of cooking. Our company is here to help with pantry items or planning a vegetable garden

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  • Wanting to know what is LSA? Then find out here exactly what it is, the benefits of LSA as well as how to use it. Great for vegetarian, vegan and meat eater as it promotes a healthy way of eating.