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So you don't know how to go about using tofu and want some inspiration.  Below are a few ideas that will help to get you started.  You can also look at our recipe Fettuccine with Tofu or even the Vegan Mayonaise.

Doing the basics.

If you are new to tofu you need to know that there are basically two different kinds.

  1. Firm tofu - this is used mainly for meals where you want more of a texture and something that will hold in the cooking process
  2. Soft or silken tofu - this is wonderful in desserts or sauces e.g. mayonaise as when blended it gives a creamy texture.

Getting the water out:

tofuThere are three ways to do this - Slow, medium, fast. (The slow way is best).

The slow way:

  1. Drain water from tofu packet
  2. Plate tofu onto a plate larger than the tofu
  3. Place another plate on top of the tofu
  4. Place a heavy object on top of the top plate
  5. Allow tofu to press for about a couple of hours
  6. Pat dry with paper towels 

Medium way:

  1. Drain water from tofu packet and give it a quick squeeze with your hands
  2. Wrap the tofu in a clean tea towel
  3. As in the first method do 3 & 4
  4. Allow to drain and press for up to an hour
  5. Pat dry with paper towels

The fast way:

  1. Drain water from tofu package
  2. Gently grab tofu in two hands
  3. Stand over sink
  4. Squeeze water out of tofu slowly; this will take several minutes
  5. Pat dry with paper towels 
  6. Marinate or use in recipe as directed

Storing tofu:

When using tofu and you only use a portion of it the rest must store it correctly.  Place the unused tofu into a container of fresh water, put a lid on it and pop it into the fridge.  It is important to change the water every day. You can store tofu this way for up to a week, however, it is best to use as quickly as possible.

Now that you have your tofu drained here is an easy way to use it which will give you a variety of possibilities

What you will need:

1 block of firm tofu - drained
Tamari sauce (you can use Soy sauce if you prefer)
Oil for frying.


  1. Press the water out of the tofu and cut into thinnish slices (about 1/4 inch thick).
  2. Heat the oil in a heavy based pan.
  3. Place the tofu pieces into the oil and immediately drizzling the tamari sauce over each piece.
  4. Once each piece has been coated with the sauce turn them over, you will have to do this carefully as the tofu will be soft and can break quite easily.
  5. Fry for a few minutes then turn and fry on the other side until all the pieces are nicely browned.
  6. Drain on a paper towel.

You can now serve these slices with other vegetables or chop them up for adding with pasta, use on top of pizza, it really is up to your imagination.  You can put them into a covered container in the fridge - they are wonderful cold in sandwiches or salads for lunch.

Another easy way with tofu is to scramble it.scrambled tofu

Once again you will need firm tofu, well drain.  Heat up the oil in a heavy based pan and crumble up the tofu as you put it in.  You will be stirring the tofu around and crumbling it more as it cooks.  What you add to this will be entirely to your own taste but here's a few suggestions:

  • Chopped herbs
  • A little cayenne
  • Tamari sauce
  • Curry powder

Add tomatoes or any other vegetable that you would add to scrambled eggs.  Serve on toast or with a salad.  To give it a yellow color add a little ground tumeric

We hope you enjoy using tofu as much as we do.


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