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These eBooks are the best of the best. The great thing about them is that you get them instantly, no waiting for days for them to arrive.

 "The Good Life" Series

This is a series of books focused on helping people get onto the Vegetarian or Vegan path. These are books that I have written and are continuing to write. They are available on Amazon...both in paperback and Kindle.  note: a free version of Kindle is available with the books should you not have one.

Why Be Vegetarian

Book 1: Why Be Vegetarian - Debunking the Excusesbuy now from the vegetarian center

Comes with the FREE bonus book "The Vegetarian Way" the link to which is inside the book. Many meat eaters would like to go down the vegetarian path but most have an excuse which, to them, is very valid. This book explores those excuses:

  • Have you ever thought you would like to be a vegetarian?
  • You would join the growing number of fabulous people who are taking up vegetarianism.
  • But wait...if you did go vegetarian (insert excuse here).


How to be vegetarian


Book 2: How To Be Vegetarian - 7 Easy Steps to Get Startedbuy now from the vegetarian center

As the title says - 7 easy steps.  This little book is all about how to get started on the Vegetarian journey by putting your toe in the water and going from there.  It does not tell you to give up meat entirely, in fact, just the opposite.  A great companion book to the one above.  This is not a recipe book but does have some tips and tricks.




Nutrition Guide

Book 3: A Clean Eating Nutrition Guidebuy now from the vegetarian center

Nutritional eating is something that many people struggle with regardless whether they are vegetarian, vegan or still eat meat.  This comprehensive guide takes a look at nutrition in a totally different way showing the reader that clean eating is really very easy.  There are plenty of lists for those who want to know where all the vitamins and minerals are.  




Are You Sure That's Veganbuy now from the vegetarian center

This book has the most scrummiest recipes in it and I have tried many of them! Learn how to make donuts to cupcakes, pecan pie to cookies and they are all Vegan!



Sensational Smoothiesbuy now from the vegetarian center

Smoothies are the most easiest and nutritious way to start the day. They can give you energy and strenghthen your immune system along with lots of other benefits. You also get 3 free bonus books!






EcoFluencebuy now from the vegetarian center

If you are vegetarian there's every likelyhood that you are aware of the issues we face with the environment. Are you wanting to share your concerns with others? This 3 part eBook will help you to find out how you can influence others in a positive way. Comes with a bonus book




The Vegetarian Weight Loss Guidebuy now from the vegetarian center

Like any weightloss program it is important that you do it correctly and this guide will show you the way to do this. Not only will you lose the weight, keep it off but you will also help to preserve the environment and help animals. Comes with bonus recipes.

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