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It's amusing how meat eaters habitually question vegetarians "what on earth do you eat"? I do not know the scores of times I've been asked that particular question. What they do not understand is that vegetarian foods can be as ordinary and down-to-earth, or so excessive and exotic as any other manner of cooking.

vegetarian cook book

One of the wonders of this style of cooking is its adaptability. There are lots of tempting options that are obtainable from all over the world if you just take a moment to explore and be venturesome with your cooking. All of these cuisines can certainly broaden your options.

The limitations of cooking vegetarian or vegan in the Western diet is swiftly becoming a thing of  days gone by. The diversity of vegetarian foods is on the rise with the sort of global restaurants that pop up far and wide. The Internet has also given contact to recipes from all-around the world.

mexican vegetarianSeveral cultures have a strong vegetarian element and some are even solely vegetarian through either monetary or religious reasons or both.

Some of these meals are typical examples of efficient and delightful food combinations and are served on tables in scores of homes. Mexico provides us with tortillas and beans and from the Orient, we get silken tofu, tempeh and rice. Hummus with lavash or pita bread is from the Middle East and from North Africa and the Mediterranean we have couscous and chickpeas. There are numerous more examples and options.

One of the best and generally appealing sources of vegetarian foods comes from Asia. If you are looking to become a vegetarian and you have never tried Asian food in the past then begin by introducing this beautiful type of cooking into your family meals. Even if you are a vegetarian, do yourself a good deed and indulge yourself.

There is such a wide variety of choices and several of these foreign recipes can be served as both a primary or side dish. You can also buy them as a easy meal or a snack. What you have to have is a little comprehension, several appealing ingredients and a gist of alternative flavors and textures.

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Many your dishes can be improved with the accompaniment of spices and herbs. Particular herbs and spices go well with certain foods. Here is a look at some of them

  • Basil with tomatoes and cheese. 
  • Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves with yoghurt, cream and milk dishes. 
  • Chives in soups, salads, sandwiches, sauces, eggs, potatoes and cheese. 
  • Ginger and carrots are pleasant. 
  • Lemon grass in rice dishes and Asian-type sauces. 
  • Oregano and marjoram with eggs, salads, marinades, cauliflower and tomatoes. 
  • Paprika with egg, cheese and casseroles. 
  • Parsley in salads, tomatoes and practically anywhere. 
  • Rosemary with eggplant, tomatoes, zucchinis. 
  • Sage with beans, cheese or egg dishes. 
  • And my preference, Garlic insert it in practically any recipe. 

So, replenish the pantry, for the reason that armed with these, you could ably cook an entire collection of delicious vegetarian foods that are both interesting and have great textures. This style of cooking is definitely not monotonous!

vegetarian cook book

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